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Constantin Gregg-Saad of Algorythme Audio Consulting & Atelier13 Audio

Constantin Gregg-Saad of Algorythme Audio Consulting & Atelier13 Audio

A bit about my audio background, and going back in time -- I, as had many fellow music lovers, witnessed many of the positive developments and problems that Audio had experienced over the last 30 years. I had also done the “kitting” and “home-brewing” thing, and had, since my early twenties, walked the road much traveled by audiophiles in quest of the holy grail. My basement workshop was (and still is) full of NOS Tubes, Oil caps, transformers, vintage gear and stuff I had built over the years. Also, I was one those audiophiles that spent waaaay to much on gear, and have probably had over 200 different components in my personal systems over the years....and have along the way developed and understanding of how systems work (or don't for that matter), and an acute ear for sound quality, in all its "colors".

This voyage also included a stint as a High End distributor in Europe. I had invested in, and wholly owned this fascinating side-business for 12 years, before I decided to exit in 1999 due to other professional priorities. In many ways, this represented my first entry into the commercial side of the world of Audio. It employed 2 managers, and represented such brands as Sonic Frontiers / Anthem, EAR Yoshino, Simaudio, Spendor, Orca/Raven, Camelot Technology,  Triangle, Cambridge Audio and REL.  

In 2010, and having heard of my planned move to the Nashville, a very close and dear friend of 25 years, Serge Schmidlin of Audio Consulting Switzerland, suggested a cooperation for the US, which I accepted. The AC North American representation -- ALGORYTHME AUDIO CONSULTING -- has been active since May of 2011.


This line's system pricing starts at $150K and extends to well over $600K. Serge and I are happy to announce that Audio Consulting now also has a presence in NYC, where Gideon Schwarz of Audio Arts has joined the AC family. My other venture into commercial audio is Atelier13 Audio which is an authorized dealership representing about 12 High End brands.

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