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audio consulting north america

Constantin Gregg-Saad of Algorythme and Serge Schmidlin of Audio Consulting have known one another for 30 years, and when Constantin moved from Switzerland to the US in early 2011, Serge suggested a cooperation.

Et voila ! ... after a period of planning we were ready to go.

Algorythme does not distribute AC's line via High End retailers. We act as a regional subsidiary of sorts, and transact directly with our clients. The other regional representative, Audio Arts, is located in NYC. As is the case already at Serge's Swiss Location in Commugny, clients can now learn about and discuss the product line here in the US, and both Algorythme and Audio Arts are well versed in the Audio Consulting product line and can fully cater to your particular desires.

As our products are hand-made in Switzerland and are positioned in the upper end of the high-end market, we recommend that prospective clients meet with us personally. All of Audio Consulting's components or systems are typically customized to specific system configuration needs and to aesthetic preferences. Curating a system or a specific component thus requires a high degree of service and interaction with the client. 

Acquiring an Audio Consulting system is a major investment and, as such, we like to get to know our clients personally. This allows us to fully understand their perspectives and system goals with the ultimate goal of providing clients with a uniquely exquisite listening experience that they will enjoy for a very long time ... one that will leave no doubt in their mind as to its unique musical quality.

Algorythme, located in Nashville TN, represents Audio Consulting of Switzerland's products for the North American market.

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