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Silver Wire Gain Line Amplifier


  • Battery driven, feed back free and unity gain solid state devices as transformer drivers

  • Transformer volume control

  • Maximum 50 Ohms output impedance

  • Very low idle power dissipation

  • No heat sink

  • Battery power

  • High speed electrolytics as power supply by-passes

  • Eichmann PhonoPod RCA Socket

  • 3 switchable inputs

  • Phase switch / Optional - Recommended

  • Wooden chassis

  • Custom features upon request

Imagine a line preamplifier using a silver wire transformer volume control achieving very low output impedance together with a gain of 10dB...

" Infrequently, gear comes along that asks you to put aside the analytical side of your brain and just listen. The components from Audio Consulting do that. When the analytical retreats, music appreciation comes forward. The new SWGLA Preamp and Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Amplifier do things that you don't hear from other components. They reveal the kind of performance details and insights that conjure live sound.


This is not to short change how well they perform on the audiophile report card, with excellent grades across the board. But the Audio Consulting gear will obviously have greatest appeal to those who treasure musicality.


The Audio Consulting duo stimulated a pleasure factor, and all who heard it agreed: reproduced music should have that more often.

If the shoe fits (and you can afford it), there's no need to look further. Your search would likely be futile."

      Positive Feedback - by Marshall Nack more ...



About the Silver Wire Transformer Volume Control

The first trials with transformer based systems were rather successful and we went on into that direction ending up with custom made iron as well as custom made silver wire.

This potentiometer clearly shows that it is useless to expect resistive systems to perform without major sound deterioration.


One should keep in mind, that a conventional 100 KOhms potentiometer, when set at medium position, places a 50 kOhms resistor in series with the signal.

With a 300pF cable or input capacitance, this situation leads to an attenuation of - 3 dB at 11 Khz.

The lower you go with the volume setting, the narrower the bandwidth becomes right in the audio band !


One finally understands why at low levels our audio systems sound so bad.


With a transformer - potentiometer you have the opposite situation. The lower you go with the volume, the lower the output impedance of you system becomes and the wider the bandwidth.


Besides bandwidth problems, we have noticed that putting resistors in series with the sound signal always results in dynamic constriction and loss of details.


On top of that, a transformer enables the discontinuity of grounds, which helps to keep RF and LF noise as low as possible.


ACS Products are customized to your system's requirements

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