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Call us to arrange auditions of the Audio Consulting Line in Nashville

The system available for audition here includes MIPA30 STEREO, MIPA120 MONO, Reference MIPA30 & 120 amplifiers, SWGLA and AVC METEOR line stages, SR PHONO and MINIMA analog components with SCHICK 12" Tonearm and KOESTSU Rosewood Signature Platinum cartridge, the new Reference NOS DAC, RUBANOIDE 2-way, the DVAJNOY / RUBABASS 1/ ACS SUPERTWEETER 3-way system, and ACS Silver cable.


We are available to travel to your location to assist in set up and installation of your Audio Consulting components or system

We assume all the costs of this service as of a purchase of $75,000. As of $150000, Serge Schmidlin of Audio Consulting Switzerland will fly in from Geneva to assist and fine tune your new system. 


We also provide fixed fee-based advisory services such as on-site evaluation of your current system in view of integrating Audio Consulting components. I would also be happy to provide an advisory and on-site evaluation service for your system in situations when you desire to integrate only one or two Audio Consulting components.


We also provide fixed fee-based advisory services when you desire to integrate only one or two Audio Consulting components but want to access a wide range of products from other manufacturers. We can in this case provide product choices from our Authorized Lines and from our Network Partner Lines at out sister company Atelier13 Audio.

Our authorized lines are listed at Atelier 13 Audio. Please contacts us for a list of our high end Network Partner Lines.


Audio Consulting is well known for its Custom approach to product design and integration. Apart from the customization of features and specifications of the standard line, other customized components have been designed to meet specific customer requirements. These include, amongst many others, very high end STAX and TAKE - T headphone amplifiers, high end recording studio microphone preamplifiers,

custom X-Overs for loudspeakers, and output stages for the famous Technics RS-1500 R2R machines. 

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