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This new level of Silver Rock MC Step Up Transformer allows for the highest possible quality impedance match and voltage gain when using MC cartridges with phono preamplifiers.


It uses unusual high tech magnetic materials together with Audio Consultings's own silver wire.


Cotton insulated silver wire is used for the windings, while specific coil geometry is enabling further hum rejection.

The shape of the new Meteor cabinet is intended to increase immunity towards air born vibrations. It is made woods that are carefully dried.


The transformer is assembled using wood only, while high tech shielding foils avoid interference with external magnetic fields.

Silver Rock Meteor SUT

Meteor Silver Rock Moving Coil Step Up Transformer


  • High tech “Meteor” magnetic material

  • Silver wire, cotton sleeved and cryo treated

  • High tech shielding materials

  • Wooden case for optimum vibration behaviour

  • Organic oil treatment of wooden case

  • Low loss RCA connection plugs

  • Gain +20 dB, or +26 dB directly available through separate RCA connectors

  • Cartridge impedance: from 2 to 40 Ohms


ACS Products are customized to your system's requirements

Prices shown are indicative only and reflect a common standard configuration which is described in the page text above

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