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Representative for North America

Audio Consulting of Switzerland Products

Rubanoide Speaker, Dvaijnoy Ribbon Speaker, Rubabass Speaker, MIPA Amplifier Series, SWGLA Preamplifier, Silver Rock TVC Preamplifier, Meteor AVC Attenuator, Meteor MC SUT, Silver Rock Series Phono Stages, Minima Turntable, Stealth Turntable, Le DAC, Audio Consulting Speaker and Interconnect Cable

Nashville - based Audio Consultancy Services

Authorized Brands


Audio Consulting of Switzerland, Avantgarde Acoustic, Audion, Aqua Acoustic, Exogal, ELAC/Alchemy, Innuos, Swissonor, Enigmacoustics, Tri-Art Audio, Coherent Audio, TBI, Take-T, Tri-Art Audio, AMR Abbingdon, iFi, MOFI Mobile Fidelity Electronics, Opus Continuo, Rethm, London Decca, Soundsmith, Hana, MOFI Cartridges, Koetsu, The Wand Tonearms, Schick Tonearms, Gotham Audio of Switzerland Cables, Tchernov Cables, Vicol Audio Digital

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